CodeGen and Transformer API

REST API that provides programmatic access to APIMatic's CodeGen and Transformation engine

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APIMatic CodeGen as a Service

APIMatic's Code-Gen as a Service is a highly customizable Code-Gen-Engine, which simplifies API consumption by generating high quality SDKs, code samples, dynamic docs and test cases using API descriptions. This enables API providers to help their developers consume their APIs in a language of their choice. Using this REST API APIMatic's Code-Gen engine can be incorporated into your CI cycle, greatly reducing time and effort.

APIMatic API Transformer

APIMatic Transformer allows its users to convert between different API description formats e.g. Swagger, RAML, etc. This enables the user to benefit from a wide range of tools available associated with any format, not just one.

APIMatic API Validator

APIMatic Validator allows its user to validate an API description on the fly and see detailed error messages along with any warnings or useful information.

Getting Started

A step-by-step tutorial for getting started with the SDKs, right from installing to making your first API call.


Easily authenticate the client for making calls to the server.

SDKs & Code Samples

Code Samples are the quickest path to the first hello world, while SDKs lift the heavy burden of communication with an API.

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