This document provides a description of the TruNarrative REST API and resources.

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The TruNarrative fraud, identity, eKYC and AML solution

Our platform will save you time and reduce losses from write-offs and fines. You’ll minimise your rate of false positives, wave through good customers and boost company revenues when you employ our state-of-the-art fraud, identity, eKYC and AML process; worthy of banks and multinationals yet affordable to budget-constrained companies of any size.

Developer Introduction

Hello and welcome to the TruNarrative API guide. We hope that the information within these pages will get you up and running in no time at all. To assist you with this we recommend that you read the background information section first. This will give you the context of what we do and why you're connecting to us. Click the START HERE link at the top of this page rather than the get started button.


We get you up and running quickly. We ensure you can scale your processes efficiently. So our platform provides a number of pro-compiled journeys. Each journey solves a specific challenge. Challenges we address include: IDV, eKYC, application fraud, AML monitoring, transaction fraud monitoring and remediation of your counter parties.


Within this guide you can generate test code using provided credentials , we also have an example ID Verification flow plus example code for a typical journey to give you a flavour of what a request and response looks like.


As part of your set up with TruNarrative you will have dedicated support, so if at any time you have any questions then please either contact us first through your assigned professional services person or at and we'll assist you with your query.

Getting Started

A step-by-step tutorial for getting started with the SDKs, right from installing to making your first API call.

SDKs & Code Samples

Code Samples are the quickest path to the first hello world, while SDKs lift the heavy burden of communication with an API.

API Console

Start making Live API calls with your input without writing a single line of code.

Http Reference

Comprehensive HTTP documentation with sample request and responses.