Adeel Ali May 17, 2018

APIMatic has turned 4 this month. Last year we began a tradition of introducing something new and contributing to the community at our anniversary every year. Carrying on with the tradition, I am pleased to make a couple of announcements today:

Start-up Support Program

Start-up life is amazing. Dreams, energy, passion, resilience — everything is on a high except the cash situation in the early days of a company. We love start-ups, and in order to contribute to their exciting journey, we’re starting up a start-up support program. The details are simple: if you’re an early-stage company with an ARR of less than US$1 Million, we are happy to offer up to a 90% discount to use the APIMatic platform. We believe this will not only help start-ups in reducing their burn rates but will also equip them with a world-class developer experience to drive API adoption. Please contact us for more information.

Launching Developer Experience Portal

A few months back we introduced API docs which enhance developer adoption by speaking their language. Those language-specific docs greatly simplify the developer experience, and thus we named the product as Developer Experience (or DX) Portal. The portal features, particularly the advanced API console with reactive code snippets, have received an overwhelming response. I am excited to inform you that the DX Portal has come out of the beta this month.

Do give it a try while keeping in mind that we are all ears for feedback.