Get programmatic access to APIMatic offerings via CodeGen-as-a-Service (CGaaS). Looking to build code generation directly into your CI/CD pipelines, update API docs on the fly, or publish a package to npm? CGaaS can assist wherever, whenever and however you want.

CGaaS is available in flexible options like APIs and GitHub Actions. Effortlessly integrate your APIs, and drastically reduce time to update and release APIs or microservices with no fear of breaking changes.

Automate Everything via Continuous Code Generation

APIs and microservices efficiently bridge multiple tiers in distributed software systems. However, reflecting the changes of fast-evolving APIs among the connected tiers is a huge drain in productivity and increases the time to market.

Keep your software tiers in sync by automating all the processes involved when your API changes, minimizing redundancy of generating code for each API update.

From API Update to API Portal and SDK Publishing

Automation Made Easy

APIMatic offers the following tools to integrate into your DevOps cycle for automation of code generation on each API change:


Integrate the API for all APIMatic functionality from SDK generation to portal publishing.

CI/CD Integrations

Bridge the gap between your DevOps activities by setting up CI/CD integrations to test, build and deploy.

GitHub Actions

Trigger automation in your workflow as soon as a commit is made to your Git repo.

On-Premise Solution

Generate SDKs and API Portal on-premises via dedicated APIs, without storing the code/API definitions.

API Driven DevOps

Integrate APIMatic APIs in your applications and workflows to generate SDKs and API Portal/Docs or publish packages automatically, every time your API is updated. Perform code generation on authenticated APIs using the authentication credentials for your API.


Code Generation

Generate SDKs for APIs already imported into APIMatic, or any external API definitions, pull up logs for the API, and more.

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API Portal Generation

Get updated API Portal and documentation on every API update, fetch static portals for on-prem deployment and manage custom guides.

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Package Publishing

Add and update package deployment information for your SDKs that have been deployed as packages on package-publishing platforms.

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GitHub Actions

Trigger GitHub Actions to perform APIMatic functionality directly from your GitHub repository where your API definition resides. Commit your updates to your API while our GitHub Action takes care of automating the process.

CI/CD Integrations

Automate your development workflows with always up-to-date SDKs and our integration with CI/CD tools. Setup continuous integration into your workflows with:

  • Travis
  • CircleCI
  • Jenkins
  • AppVeyor

On-Premise Solution

APIMatic is also available as an on-premise solution as a Docker image, and takes care of all your developer experience needs via automation for SDK and portal generation.

Ready to improve developer adoption for your APIs?

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