Rehan February 18, 2016

Fundamental identifiers are used by biodiversity identifiers to recognize organism’s names. Necessary information is provided by names though which they index, manage, and share information relating to biodiversity. NZOR is a definitive to source to provide taxonomic data in identical style and of standard level of quality to overcome the wastage issue of resources.


NZOR uses APIMatic auto-generated SDKs



The NZOR web application programming interface (API) is a publicly accessible service that enables applications to use data from the core NZOR repository in order to provide the following capabilities:

  • List and view details about an organism’s name.
  • Search organism’s names.
  • List and view details about information providers.
  • List and view details about enumerations and the vocabulary used to describe entities within NZOR.

 Landcare Research and NatureHack 2015

APIMatic’s Code Generation Speeds Up the NZOR’s Application Development Cycle

NZOR’s infrastructure is currently hosted by Landcare Research’s. Their core purpose is to drive innovation in the management of terrestrial biodiversity and land resource. Landcare Research played an important role in organizing a weekend hackathon to create new value from New Zealand’s living species and environment. The goal of Nature Hack was to build a simple web service or app related to nature and/or wildlife.

SDKs — A Valuable Resource for Nature Hack

SDKs for NZOR API were generated using APIMATIC and provided to hackathon participants in all major programming languages including Java, Objective-C, C#, PHP, Python, Ruby and AngularJS. SDK’s are very fruitful for coding rock stars participating in Nature Hack and allow them to build web services and applications related to nature by using environmental data provided by Landcare Research.

This is what Greg Byrom, Geospatial Professional at Landcare Research, has to say about us:

“Landcare Research maintain publicly accessible datasets from their extensive collections of New Zealand’s biological heritage. APIMatic has so simplified the process of writing SDKs to access the data from these collections that we wonder what we ever did before! Having an SDK with which developers can hit the ground running speeds up the application development cycle, saving time and resources for the real work. Making the SDKs publicly available via SDKS.IO allows unprecedented access, unlocking the data and enabling its consumption. APIMatic makes it a breeze to build good SDKs and is simple enough for anyone to use yet complete and flexible enough to support complex queries. I love working with APIMatic!”