APIMatic January 17, 2017

Unlocking API formats for Postman Collections using APIMatic

It would be surprising to know if you are reading this and have not heard of or used Postman before. Postman is one of the most commonly used tools for API development and testing. We at APIMatic, along with a growing community of more than 3 Million people, have been using Postman on a daily basis for the past couple of years.

One of the most useful features of Postman is collections. A Collection allows you to group together different endpoints in an API description format. Aptly named the Postman Collection, it is a shareable entity that can be exported from and imported into the Postman ecosystem.

APIMatic’s API Transformer allows conversions of API descriptions to and from both the stable versions of the Postman Collection Format. Postman is planning to add the API Transformer as an integration to its Postman Pro platform. We recently talked to Ankit, Postman’s CTO, about these integrations and would like to share with you what he had to say.

What is Postman using API Transformer for?

Ankit: The Postman Pro platform integrates with repository hosting services like GitHub to backup and synchronize Postman Collections. We are in the process of adding an integration with APIMatic’s API Transformer to store a Collection in formats like Swagger, API Blueprint, RAML among others in a repository of the user’s choice.

Why do you need support for multiple API description formats?

Ankit: We’ve always envisioned and aspired for Postman to be an open ecosystem and 3rd party Integrations allow us to move one step forward in that direction. We’re happy to support any API description format that fits into our users’ workflow and improves their productivity.

How did you discover API Transformer?

Ankit: We’ve been following API Transformer for a while now since learning about it from Kin Lane at API Evangelist. When Kartik, from your team, reached out with news of Postman Collection support, I realized that it would be a great addition to our platform adding immense value to our users.

What monetary or temporal benefit did you get from API Transformer?

Ankit: Off the top of my head, API Transformer saves us tens of thousands of dollars in development and upkeep costs. I’m quite confident that our fantastic partner, APIMatic, would stay abreast of all the latest developments in the API description formats landscape, providing us frequent updates while allowing us to focus on myriad aspects of development workflow.

What are your future plans for use of API Transformer?

Ankit: With this integration, APIMatic and API Transformer become first-class citizens of the Postman Pro platform. Going forward, we intend to allow users to configure their own APIMatic accounts with this integration to enjoy the benefit of Real-time sync with the repository hosting service and the API description format of their choice!

We are really excited to have Postman on board with us and are hopeful that other big players in the API space will also start making use of API Transformer soon to save costs and time. Stay tuned for further updates and get in touch if you would like to find out how you can incorporate API Transformer in your product.