APIMatic October 17, 2018

How MessageMedia Increases Developer Productivity with APIMatic

MessageMedia  is Australia’s leading global business messaging platform with over 40,000 customers sending over 1.6 billion messages per year.

With a focus on helping businesses boost ROIs more than 100x, MessageMedia offers services for appointment and payment reminders, marketing messages, authentication and verification and for communicating with their customers’ workforce.

The Challenge: Creating and Maintaining SDKs

With communications going digital exponentially, MessageMedia successfully managed to overcome the challenge of providing 99.99% gateway uptime with its robust and high-performance networking infrastructure. However, this also meant MessageMedia’s developer relations team had to focus on increasing adoption and ensuring that developers had all the resources required to easily integrate their APIs. Sending over a billion messages per year and servicing thousands of global customers required a streamlined developer experience to integrate their various messaging APIs.

The team at MessageMedia understood that for ensuring seamless integration of their APIs, offering SDKs and code samples was an utmost necessity. But they also soon came to realize that manually producing and maintaining SDKs in 6 languages for each API update was not cutting it.

“One of the problems we had with our SDKs was if a new feature was added to the API, we would have to manually make the code changes to the SDKs itself. Given we have 6 SDKs for each of our APIs, it was a long and inefficient process to update.” — Ibrahim Tareq, Developer Evangelist at MessageMedia.


The Solution: APIMatic’s Auto-generated SDKs

This is where APIMatic was able to meet MessageMedia’s requirements to increase API adoption and leverage their position across multiple platforms. With APIMatic’s CodeGen Engine, MessageMedia was able to auto-generate SDKs in all of the required languages, and the SDKs could reflect changes in the API on the go, which had been a pain point for the team before.

“APIMatic has helped eliminate the manual effort that was required to set up and get the SDKs running. There is quite a lot of work involved in writing all of that code”, says Ibrahim.

MessageMedia certainly gained an edge with APIMatic’s auto-generated SDKs. Now they can ship SDKs to customers in a number of languages within minutes, while keeping the SDKs up-to-date at all times. The time to market has been significantly reduced, as the CodeGen Engine can generate an SDK as soon as an update to API is made, and even automate this process in CI/CD pipelines.

MessageMedia’s developer customer base has found it much easier to adopt MessageMedia APIs through the auto-generated SDKs and comprehensive documentation that comes with them for each language and IDE.

“It has helped reduce the barrier of entry… you can hand out SDKs to your customers and make it easier and simpler for them to code their way to the first ‘hello world’.”