Explore the integration of AI in API development through SDK generation from OpenAPI, enhancing code reliability and simplifying API consumption and adoption.

This is the recording from an API meetup held in San Francisco on the topic of API Adoption in the Age of AI Code Assistants: Risks and Opportunities

The key topics Covered in the video are:

  • [00:10] English proverbs to understand Determinism and Hallucination challenges of Generative AI
  • [03:00] AI code generation problems found in researches at Stanford and Purdue universities
  • [04:48] The API-first Unicorns and common techniques of API adoption
  • [06:41] Understanding the 3 steps of API consumption
  • [08:41] Demo: API consumption steps without using AI
  • [12:25] Demo: API consumption steps with the help of AI
  • [14:33] Why is Gen-AI useful in the steps 1 and 3?
  • [15:04] Why in the step 2, a traditional code generator is the best choice?
  • [16:19] How SDKs abstract away the learning/coding of the step 2: API access code
  • [17:25] A way to resolve AI's Hallucinations problems while generating API integration code
  • [18:30] Training AI on deterministically generated code to help with dynamic queries and code generation

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CoPilots or AI Coding Assistants have become valuable handy tools for developers, but how reliable are these tools when it comes to integrate APIs? Their semantic limitations are well known, but can they still generate usable code by better prompt engineering? Can they understand workflows and chain API calls accordingly? Moreover, are they intelligent enough to ease developers onboarding by answering their queries accurately? 

In this talk, Adeel will discuss the aforementioned questions and share the learnings from building an API CoPilot, where his team trained AI on a traditional code-generator to minimise its hallucination problems. Adeel will discuss the steps of API consumption/integration and analyse with examples where Gen-AI can be helpful and where the traditional code generation techniques are better. The talk will be concluded with a demo of creating a user playlist using Spotify API, first without the help of AI then with the help of generative AI.