What are SDKs?

SDKs, software development kits, are built by API providers to help developers more easily consume their API. SDKs include a code library written in a specific programming language like Java, Python, Go, Ruby, TypeScript, PHP, C# etc. and abstracts away complex authentication, performs data validation and serialization, handles errors, logging, retries and more

SDKs are sometimes viewed as just a code library, but they are much more than that. SDKs include documentation, getting started guides, code samples, use case guides and sample applications. 


Signs your API needs modern SDKs

  • Time to first “hello world” lagging
  • Integration launch deadlines missed
  • Support time consumed in basic authentication questions
  • Difficulty in troubleshooting code level problems
  • Developers requiring guidance on common use cases
  • Developers requesting SDKs and code samples
  • Enterprise deals lost due to lack of SDKs
  • Incomplete community-built client libraries
  • Losing developers to the competition


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