Fix My Spec - How Does It Work?

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Key Features


1. Not Just OpenAPI

We support validation of all popular formats including OpenAPI, Postman, RAML, API Blueprint, etc.


2. Compliance to Standards Ensured 

Our validator ensures that user specs meet all essential standard checks for a better user experience not just in APIMatic but in any other tool as well. 


3. Powerful Linting with Supreme Control

Our validator not only verifies that the input specification meets basic required standard checks but also goes above and beyond by offering extended linting capabilities right out of the box. We have dedicated rulesets that target code generation and API portal generation as well as validation of APIMatic-specific vendor extensions for better experience with our tools.

But that’s not all - we understand that each API project is unique. In our validator, we give our users the power to tailor the linting process by adding custom rules that align with their specific requirements.

We also provide flexible configuration options that can let users fine-tune the linting process according to their project's needs, putting them more in control.


4. Quickly Nip Issues at the Bud

Each issue detected will have comprehensive documentation available as well as contextual information for a particular instance e.g. line/path information, call trees to trace origin of problems when a component is referenced by other components, and any additional metadata to help resolve the issue faster. Related issues will be intelligently grouped, empowering our users to tackle problems with efficiency and focus.

Last but not the least, we offer a unique “Fix My Spec” feature to automatically remove some of the frustrating problems from the spec (e.g. inline schemas) which can help reduce the time it takes for our users to have a ready-to-use spec for API consumption and integration while not compromising on quality.




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