How Didgigo Cut Down Time To Market From Days To Minutes With APIMatic


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Didgigo is a digital media platform that delivers customized travel document presentations to its clients. It helps users to organize and maintain all product data and builds comprehensive itinerary proposals that enable clients to save time and increase the opportunity for sales.

Didgigo offers their services via APIs as well that allows travel professionals to automatically produce travel documents for their clients and publish digital and print versions simultaneously. However, expanding the API landscape especially in a pandemic, while maintaining documentation on each API release, came with its own set of challenges:

  • Team productivity impacted because of context switching
  • Manual synchronization of documentation on every release
  • Additional resource and time overheads

To overcome these concerns, the company uses APIMatic’s auto-generated API documentation, resulting in:

  • More than 7 customer onboarding meetings reduced per quarter
  • ~20% tickets reduced to integrate with API
  • Lesser time to market, from days to minutes
  • No technical writers were hired for documentation

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