Fintech Case Study (From A Fortune 500 Company)

From a Cost Saver to Revenue Generator

From a Cost Saver to Revenue Generator

For a financial services company becoming fintech, fulfilling the demands of the customers and developers can be very challenging. Hence, this company was quick to realize that in order to obtain partnerships and integrations with third parties, they needed to reach out to a larger developer community and ensure that their APIs were adopted faster.

Since faster API adoption requires quicker and seamless onboarding of potential customers, this fintech company began offering .NET and Java SDKs for their APIs. While this did cater to quicker onboarding, it eventually started taking up a huge chunk of development time and budget to maintain and update the SDKs and documentation on each and every API update.

Soon, demand grew for more language support, and in-house developers were not available to carry out the mundane task of generating and maintaining SDKs, while also working on expanding their API landscape. For a rapidly advancing customer base, it became imperative to look for a solution that could reduce the onboarding time of the customers to get familiar with the API along with a way to add multiple languages to their landscape.

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