PeopleHedge Case Study

How PeopleHedge Reduced Client Onboarding Time by 40% with APIMatic


Reduced onboarding time / Built Robust integrations

PeopleHedge corporation, an online financial services technology startup, provides foreign exchange and API-driven services for community banks and credit unions. It is a partner-based corporation that provides financial services pipelines to the software vendors by integrating with them, which in return is used by the banks.
However, building the APIs along with focusing on the SDKs and generating comprehensive documentation, came with its own set of challenges:

  • Manual and slow onboarding of new clients.
  • Development time took longer than expected.

To overcome these problems, the company uses APIMatic’s auto-generated SDKs and API documentation, resulting in:

  • Onboarding time was reduced by 30-40%.
  • SDKs/portal generation and package publishing within 5 minutes as  compared to weeks.
  • Onboarding clients reliably connecting with the corporation.

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