One Utility Bill Auto-Converts OpenAPI Schemas To Postman Collections Via APIMatic's Transformer API


Case Study Summary

One Utility Bill is a bill bundling platform that consolidates utilities, broadband, and media subscriptions into one easy monthly payment. This makes things more economical, quick and simple for tenants, landlords, and agents. One Utility Bill provides some of its services via the Notify platform, ensuring that billing periods are correctly managed. The Notify API is hosted for users publicly using Postman, however, the API is an OpenAPI 3.0 schema that needs to be converted into a Postman Collection.

The conversion to Postman Collections increased post-processing time and developers had to manually fix the converted API definition. This process came with its own set of challenges for One Utility Bill:

  • Incomplete conversion to Postman
  • Additional time overhead
  • Manual conversion on each OpenAPI schema update

To overcome these problems, the company automates OpenAPI to Postman collection conversion with APIMatic’s Transformer API, resulting in:

  • Accurate conversion from OpenAPI to Postman
  • Reduced time overhead, from 30 minutes to seconds
  • Automatic conversion on each OpenAPI schema update

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