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Xion Global - the Stripe of Crypto

APIMatic helps Xion Global onboard developers quickly with self-service documentation and SDKs that abstract the complexity of working with various web3 libraries. Now, developers can integrate web3 into traditional banking, e-commerce, and gaming platforms using their preferred programming language.

About Xion Global

A multi-chain web3 payments provider, Xion Global offers a suite of payment products to exchange and reward payments globally. 

Xion is a Web3 payment infrastructure company that enables the banking, commerce, and gaming industries to send and receive payments across various blockchain networks. Their objective is to deliver interoperability to the fragmented Web3 payment space.


How it started

Xion Global’s journey started with running e-commerce and subscription businesses in the US. On expanding the business in South Africa, Xion Global stumbled upon challenges in the traditional payment systems. Implementation and execution of existing payment solutions required stringent regulatory requirements and policies that, in some cases, negatively affected their business. This led them not only to discover how the payment landscape was fragmented but also led to their drive to build solutions to simplify the process. Henceforth, Xion Global worked on bridging the gaps between traditional and web3 financial systems by embarking on the crypto space. 

Bridging gaps between traditional and web3 systems

Contrary to companies that used centralized exchanges and solutions, Xion Global focused on adopting secure channels for decentralized payment systems, i.e., smart contracts based on blockchain. 

Blockchain technology, which is the basis of their platform, ensures security and decentralization in the flow of funds. This helps customers navigate regulatory requirements without the need for third-party providers. In other words, their solutions eliminate the requirement for company wallets or corporate accounts to facilitate financial exchanges. 

Simplify crypto payment integrations

Xion Global’s payment platform facilitates SMEs as well as established organizations. Their platform is relevant for one-time purchases and subscription payments; hence, it integrates with various e-commerce systems.

Xion API: a solution for multi-crypto currencies

The Xion API caters to custom workflows and payment types that are fit for various tech stacks. It expedites the seamless integration of crypto payments into consumers' applications by providing various resources, including SDKs and iFrames. It supports major cryptocurrencies, including BTC, LTC, DASH, BCH, XRP, ETH, USDT, USDC, XGT, and any evm-compatible tokens.


Challenges in API consumption and integrations

A significant challenge developers face when working with multiple cryptocurrencies is crafting an abstraction for various web3 libraries to allow clients to use existing crypto wallets and create wallets. The long-term goal of building SDKs is to enable traditional companies to streamline their onboarding process into web3.

Initially, Xion Global wanted to build SDKs themselves. However, this took a lot of work to implement as each SDK would have taken them a few months of work. This required significant investments in hiring engineers well-versed in multiple languages and a lot of time. They sought a way to automate their SDKs to avoid having their entire development roadmap consumed with building documentation, code libraries, and more.

APIMatic enables Xion to accelerate developer onboarding

Xion Global selected APIMatic to accelerate the creation and reduce the maintenance cost of their SDKs along with language-specific documentation and code samples. Xion is already seeing results with developers able to fully self-board their APIs. SDKs have made it easier to consume the Xion API, where developers use the web view in conjunction with the SDKs to process web3 payments.

Some of the key problems solved by automating API documentation and SDKs through APIMatic include: 

  • Improve self-service onboarding of new developers.
  • Reduced amount of customer support required
  • Keep documentation and SDKs in sync as our API evolves
  • Reach more developer communities with broader language support

The Xion TypeScript SDK is seeing significant usage by their corporate payment service provider clients, followed by Java and C#. They selected TypeScript for its diverse range of applicability and C# because Xion Global aims to offer multi-chain and multi-party payment gateway integration for any metaverse or gaming experience built on the Unity platform. Xion is actively working towards a verified listing for crypto for Unity developers, and SDKs built with APIMatic are crucial to reaching this developer community.


Next steps for Xion Global

Xion Global’s developer experience continues to thrive through faster and frictionless onboarding as they focus on supporting more than 1 million clients in Africa with web3 payments, starting with a partnership with Scan to Pay (700k+ merchants, 94 PSPs and 14 FSPs in South Africa) powered by Ukheshe. Additionally, Xion Global plans to facilitate payments for the Unity developers community. This means helping 7 million Unity developers process web3 payments within their games. APIMatic continues participating in this experience through its robust SDKs, including comprehensive multi-lingual documentation and code samples.  

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