APIMatic June 22, 2015

Code Generation API

APIMatic’s automatic code generation is now publicly available for our users. You can check out its API documentation here. The Code Generation API allows you to do interesting stuff with SDK generation for your API. Some of the interesting uses of this API that we could think of are as follows.

  • Provide freshly-squeezed SDKs for your API on your developer portal
  • Validate your API backend through its generated description file
  • Batch script to push your SDKs to GitHub or other code repos
  • Hook this API in your continuous integration (CI) cycle for automatic code generation

As you might have guessed, this is the same API we use for our SDKs search engine  SDKS.IO  as well as our Javascript widget. Let us know if you have found any other interesting use case for our API and we will update the list. If you have any suggestion of feature request for this API, we would love to hear from you.