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Autogenerate Quality SDKs and API Documentation in Red Hat OpenShift Clusters Using APIMatic CodeGen

Developer experience (DevEx) is no longer an unknown term for people in the tech industry. The best way to define DevEx is user experience but for...
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November 2022

APIMatic Java SDKs Protected Against Log4j Vulnerability

Auckland, NZ – December 14, 2021: APIMatic has performed a detailed analysis of their Java SDKs and confirms that they do not contain direct...
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December 2021

A GitHub Action for Transforming APIs

Recently, there has been a lot of talk around GitHub Actions, and the wide range of features it can offer with just a simple YAML based...
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November 2020

The Anatomy of API Code Samples

While APIs form an important part of modern software development, it’s crucial to ensure that the utility offered by an API does not come at the cost...
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June 2020

Letting developers try endpoints right from API Documentation - UX Case Study

Problem API documentation tells developers how to use a certain API. An API can have multiple endpoints. Developers read the API documentation...
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June 2020

Serving The Senior Living Industry with Caremerge API

According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, there are over 39.6 million elderly people in the US, out of which 1...
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April 2020

APIMatic 2020: New Year, New Place, New Passion

January, 2020 was an important month for team APIMatic as we:
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February 2020

State of Developer Experience: SMS APIs 2020

Every day, 23 billion SMS messages are sent worldwide, which is equivalent to 16 million messages per minute, exchanged between 7 billion mobile...
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December 2019

6 Practices to Achieve Consistency across API Specifications

This blog is based on a talk presented at APIMatic’s meet-up in San Francisco earlier in the year. API specifications have become a crucial part...
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September 2019

State of Developer Experience: Banking and FinTech 2019

The Banking and Finance industry is one of the most heavily regulated sectors of the world. The regulations, although important to protect the...
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July 2019

Popular Developer Experience Practices: FinTech and Banking APIs

FinTech Startups have leveraged upon the utility of Web APIs to dominate the financial services industry, and traditional financial institutes are...
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July 2019

Redesigning APIs at APIMatic — A Case Study

Ever since the start of the year, the top priority for us at APIMatic was to improve the packaging of our products and features. We launched the...
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October 2018

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