APIMatic February 22, 2017

This a guest blog written by Patrick Poulin; Ceo @ API Fortress.

API Fortress is focused on one thing — creating an API quality platform that is both powerful and easy to use. The ease of use is the real challenge. Fortunately, our platform can automatically create an API from a payload, or a definition file. Unfortunately, that can be more complicated than you’d suspect.

As with all technologies, there are always powerful forces looking for dominance. Betamax vs VHS, HD-DVD vs Blueray, and today we have that with API definition formats. Swagger/OpenAPI is the current market leader, RAML is backed by a powerful company in the API space, as is I/O Docs, and Apiary’s API Blueprint is also a very appealing alternative. Ultimately, all options are good and offer unique benefits.

As a company, we are required to support all alternatives; whether they are Swagger, API Blueprint, RAML or any other format. Not just this, but every version of those alternatives too. This is a particularly very challenging and time consuming task. Thankfully, we found the APIMatic Transformer.

Thanks to APIMatic we can continue to work and evolve on our core business, because the Transformer handles the work of converting these various definition specs. We are presented with the “Buy vs Build” decision on a nearly daily basis, but APIMatic’s Transformer was the clear choice.

APIMatic’s Transformer Assists API Fortress to Support All Formats