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A Year with API Transformer

Developers today are actively seeking relevant tools and frameworks in order to make their API design and consumption process as easy and...

Common Mistakes Developers Make In Their OpenAPI 3 Files

OpenAPI 3 (OAS 3) is the latest iteration of the OpenAPI Specification. APIMatic has been supporting the format since it was still a release...

Taking Pride in Proactive Customer Support

Customer support can completely change the way how people perceive your business. Customers today want more than just a viable product, they want a...
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January 2018

From RAML Example Objects to Test Cases

Machine-readable API descriptions are key enablers of many modern service-oriented activities. Recently, some of the API description formats,...

Why Your API Needs Machine-Readable Description

Having an API means providing the complete package to your customers so they can conveniently and effectively consume that API. This...

Introducing New Supported Formats: RAML 1.0, Postman 2.0

The wait is over! We have added RAML 1.0 and Postman 2.0 to our list of supported API formats. So grab your RAML 1.0 or Postman 2.0 APIs and start...
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November 2016

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