APIMatic February 6, 2017

Do More With APIMatic and Azure Integration

We are excited to announce that APIMatic now supports integration with Microsoft Azure API Portal by providing an easy-to-use widget for SDK generation, documentations and test cases.

Microsoft Azure is a hybrid cloud that has got a great many range of products and solutions that fits all types of cloud computing needs. Among many products, Azure has a complete platform for providing a good developer’s experience through its Microsoft Azure API Management Portal. You can publish your APIs on your customizable portal. This portal also provides you proxy to the actual API, statistics to analyze and many other facilities to manage your APIs.

So, in order to enhance a developer’s experience even further, APIMatic has now developed a widget especially designed for Microsoft Azure API Management Portal. With this widget embedded into your Azure Portal account, you are now provided with a complete functionality of SDK generation along with their documentation in a variety of 10 most popular languages. That’s not all, the documentation also comes in with code samples to help you get started with your SDK usage. Our main aim is to add value to the API consumption lifecycle for your customers. It’s one thing to manage your APIs, but entirely another to actually make them consumable for your developers.

Look how your API Portal account shall be transformed for you to manage your APIs.

Do More With APIMatic and Azure Integration

Revenue Generation Through APIMatic

Important question is, what exactly is in it for you to embed this widget in your account? Sure, it optimizes your customer’s API consumption process and everything, but the real concern is how will it help in revenue generation? Basically, what the incorporation of this SDK Generating Widget does is that it facilitates both internal and external users to consume your APIs in a more proficient way.

It’s a fact that for a public API provider, enhanced developer’s experience is directly correlated to highly satisfied customers. If you are able to provide a complete API functionality in one place (just like you will be doing it through this integration), then more sales traffic is guaranteed for you in future. Now, if you have an internal API, then you will be able to save time to update and release your APIs by a great amount. In this way, your company’s efficiency and productivity increases. So, in both cases, APIMatic Widget definitely comes in handy.

APIMatic is here to provide you with all sorts of innovative ways to enhance your developer’s experience on all the company’s need basis. Don’t wait too long for registering yourself with us by talking to our support team. Also, for more information about how to integrate APIMatic Widget into your Azure portal, visit our website  https://docs.apimatic.io/integrations/azure/.