APIMatic May 15, 2017
Team APIMatic photographed by
Team APIMatic photographed by
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It’s been a complete year since APIMatic has established its offshore business and developer’s team in Pakistan, and I believe it’s been a successful one in terms of our service quality and customer reach. Now, it was time to give our valued team members a fun week for celebrating company success. After all, this team is the reason behind this victory. The CEO of APIMatic, Adeel Ali, came to visit Pakistan especially to celebrate our accomplishment. It was a week full of excitement and fun. The week had to be utilized in such a way to achieve few, yet crucial objectives. The first one was to have fun; lots and lots of fun. Second, taking everyone on board with the company’s upcoming year goals and objectives. And finally, our major objective was to motivate our employees to perform way better than before. Following were our major fun events:

1. 1-on-1 Feedback Sessions

2. Company Session Celebrating One Year of APIMatic Pakistan Team

3. Gaming Night

4. Team Building Activity

5. Farewell Dinner

Let’s start with our fun week!

1-on-1 Feedback Sessions

It’s one thing to be onboard with your top management, but in order to move your organization towards agility, it’s important for the top management to be aboard with their employees as well. Throughout the entire week, each and every member of the team had a one-to-one session with Adeel. The objective was to get an insight into how every employee operates in the company and what should be eliminated/introduced in order to boost their productivity. It also included a discussion on career planning. The CEO got to know about his employees’ future growth plans and gave suggestions on how to pursue them. These were rather informal sessions in which both the individuals hung out and just talked.

Company Session: Celebrating One Year of APIMatic Pakistan Team

The whole team gathered at a semi-formal setting outside the office premises and had a grand feast together. Adeel conducted the company session really well by boasting up employee motivation levels, getting them onboarded with the company’s future plans and prospects, distributing awards, and gave a token of appreciation to all the employees. He made the whole evening pretty fun for everyone. APIMatic members are, obviously, used to having company night outs, but this one session was indeed special.

 APIMatic's Facebook page.

Check out the highlights of our company session on APIMatic's Facebook page.

Gaming Night

It’s sort of a company tradition to have a gaming night every other month. Apparently, all our developers are pros at gaming. They absolutely LOVE playing “Call of Duty”. The whole company gets divided into two groups and they all go crazy over it. I personally cannot play such a stressful game, so I just watch others while they go brutal on each other. The exciting evening ends with everyone laughing and enjoying a nice supper. And that is exactly how our gaming night went by.

Team Building Activity

Team Building Activity

On the weekend came our company team building day. The whole team got their boots on and went for paintballing. The purpose was to strengthen employee bonds and just have fun in an informal setting. It’s said activities like paintballing are a good stress release, and I completely agree with it. Everyone literally went crazy on the battlefield.

Farewell Dinner

Farewell Dinner

The week had passed by so quickly that none of us realized it was time for our CEO, Adeel Ali, to go back to Auckland. And we just couldn’t let him go without a little treat. Small gestures do matter. In the morning, Adeel was taken by surprise by this little sticky note from the whole team. Just to boost up our top management’s spirits high. It’s not necessary that only employees’ morale should be lifted.

Farewell Dinner

So, all of the Team APIMatic kidnapped our CEO for a farewell dinner as a token of appreciation for all the efforts he’s put into us. Gave him a fun evening before we officially said goodbye.

Hence, ends our week of complete madness. It went by so quickly, but by the end of it, all our team members were even more energetic than before. When the company environment is fun, who wouldn’t love working there. At APIMatic, we keep a balance of work and play. It’s what keeps our jobs more interesting.