Nida I Zamir June 18, 2021

APIMatic v3

With organizations going increasingly digital, it has become challenging for API providers to maintain API visibility amongst a plethora of APIs and ensure faster API adoption. This is where developer experience pivots the developer’s decision in your API’s favor. Keeping this challenge in mind, APIMatic has undergone numerous updates to get you the most out of your API.

With APIMatic v3, you can generate feature-rich and code-compliant SDKs as our flagship Code Generator includes new features and improvements as an overhaul. We have also completely revamped the API Portal with a more aesthetic and interactive API portal and a Markdown docs editor. Furthermore, the API Transformer now supports the much-awaited anyOfoneOfnot constructs and union types and much more.


Generate Robust SDKs with Overhauled Code Generator

The APIMatic Code Generator contains numerous updates to its feature list along with improvements in the CodeGen Engine:


Updated Language Versions, Dependencies, and Adherence to Coding Standards

To ensure SDK compatibility with the maximum user codebase, the SDKs have been refactored to target minimum language and runtime versions and updated dependencies. Moreover, we have applied the latest industry-accepted coding standards in all languages to the SDKs.

Immutable Clients for Multi-Threading

We have refactored our SDKs to immutable clientsthat make it easier to write network-related code dealing with concurrency, as immutable clients are thread-safe and do not require explicit synchronization or defensive copying.

Timeout and Retries on API Call Errors

All APIMatic SDKs now support handling timeouts and automatic retries if an API call is timing out, is unreachable, or returning API call errors.

Support for XML in API Calls

All SDKs now come with the added support for sending and receiving XML in the API calls. So if your API definition uses XML, it can be imported into APIMatic v3 to generate SDKs without having to worry about serializing and deserializing the XML data.

Support for Nullable Properties in Models

Java and C# SDKs now contain nullable properties in models, so if a user does not assign any value to a property after model instance initialization, a null value will be sent in the HTTP request instead of being skipped altogether.

More Updates to the Code Generator

Apart from these features, the APIMatic Code Generator generates SDKs that support numerous features and enhancements like deprecating endpoints, cancellable API calls, access to HTTP response data, and more.

For more in-depth detail on the updated features of the Code Generator, please head over to APIMatic Code Generator v3.

Enhance Developer Experience with Revamped API Portal

The API Portal has been revamped in APIMatic v3 to make your documentation and code samples more readable and interactive, making API consumption even faster. We have also updated the Portal Editor for more flexibility in customization to the portal.

Enhance Developer Experience with Revamped API Portal

Improved Aesthetics and UX

Based on feedback from our customers, we updated the design of the API portal to a more modern and reader-friendly interface with new typography, layout, and UI components for a more intuitive experience.

Revamped API Portal in APIMatic v3
Revamped API Portal in APIMatic v3

Merged API Explorer (API Playground)

We have merged the endpoint request documentation with the API Console into a unified API Explorer, also called the “API Playground”, that allows your users to explore the endpoint documentation and edit the request data in one place.

Updated Portal Editor

The Portal Editor for customizing the API portal has been remodeled to make it as easy to use as possible while adding a WYSIWYG Markdown docs editor for custom guides. You can customize portal settings and version-specific documentation settings, and also include auto-generated documentation for endpoints and models.

Revamped Portal Editor in APIMatic v3
Revamped Portal Editor in APIMatic v3

More Features in the v3 API Portal

The API Portal contains more fun features like pop-out code samples, version-specific documentation, customizable table-of-contents, and much more!

For more information about what APIMatic v3 offers for the API portal in detail, check out Revamped API Portal in APIMatic v3.

Polish Your API Definition with Upgraded API Transformer

The API Transformer includes various new features and improvements, so your API definitions can make the most out of APIMatic V3.

Polish Your API Definition with Upgraded API Transformer

Faster OpenAPI v2.0 and v3.0 Imports

The OpenAPI/Swagger 2.0 and 3.0 import has been completely revamped and impacts your SDK and Docs/Portal generation and API Transformer output. The revamp includes faster imports, improved support for $refs , improved error messages, changes to null value handling, and much more.

Support for anyOf, oneOf, not Constructs and Union Types

Probably one of the most requested support for anyOfoneOf and not constructs is now available in all major API specification formats including OpenAPI, JSON Schema, API Blueprint. Support for RAML and XML schema “union” types has also been added.

What’s More in the v3 API Transformer?

The API Transformer is packed with more features and settings like new configuration settings, more specification extensions for OAS and RAML annotations, and so on.

Read more about what the revamped API Transformer offers in APIMatic v3.

How do I Migrate to APIMatic v3? ✈️

Migrating to APIMatic v3 is easy. All your data is preserved during migration so you don’t have to worry about any data being lost or discarded. We have also ensured that everything remains backward compatible so if for any reason you revert to v2, no data is lost.

For more detail, please refer to our guide on how to migrate to APIMatic v3, or contact support.