Qurat-ul-Ain October 8, 2021

In APIMatic v3 (codenamed Titan), our largest release to date, we have made some major improvements to the Code Generator and the API Portal to make your API’s developer experience seamless and further feature-rich. Developer experience is critical for smooth and rapid onboarding of your API which, in turn, leads to quicker API adoption and higher ROI.

The webinar "APIMatic v3: Your Biggest DX Game Changer" gave an overview of the new features and major improvements made in this release to help streamline your API's developer experience. Mehdi, our Chief Product Architect, discussed updates to the Code Generator such as introducing immutable clients as SDKs for multi-threading, timeouts, and retries on API call errors, the support for latest dependencies, and language versions, and more. He also gave a walkthrough of the revamped API Portal that is more developer-friendly and intuitive and offers the updated WYSIWYG Markdown docs editor.


  • Introduction to APIMatic: Developer experience platform that enables faster integrations of your API
    1. SDK Generation:  PHP, Ruby, Python, C#, Java and TS/JS [1.43]
    2. HTTP and Language-Specific Documentation [2.10]
    3. API Portal and Code Playground [2.23]
    4. Dynamic Code Samples [2.48]
    5. Assisted Authentication [3.10]
  • APIMatic v3 [3.38]
  • Code Generator: Updated target language and runtime versions in all generated SDKs, the addition of TS [5.16]
  • Immutable Clients: For all languages [8.01]
  • API Timeouts and Retries, Support for XML, and other enhancements [9.26]
  • API Portal: Improved aesthetics and UX, new API Code Playground, pop-out code samples, and customizable table-of-contents ​[12.51]
  • Migrate to APIMatic v3 [18.54]
  • Q&A [21.01]

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