Arooj Arshad March 14, 2022


APIMatic Goes Back to Normal with a Bang

About 2 years ago, our lives changed overnight as the Covid-19 pandemic gripped the world. Now, as nearly everyone has received their vaccination shots, life has started to regain some normalcy. Schools have re-opened, meals can be enjoyed together and companies are slowly seeing employees back in the office.

At APIMatic, we had moved to a complete work-from-home environment since 2020, but that did not stop us from getting to know one another and having fun. Therefore, we decided that 2022 should be the year for a “normal life”, full of colors and lively activities for our team. Hence, we called a heads-up to reevaluate our goals and set boundaries to maintain priorities. 

This year, for our 6th anniversary, we agreed to bring our whole team together to relish some quality time, watch each other laugh and open up the old memories that were closed in a box since the pandemic. As a result, we celebrated going back to normal with a two-day event during the first week of March.

Team Celebrating APIMatic’s 6th Anniversary 

The main anniversary event was held within the office premises. To warm up the audience and boost their morale, the celebration started with our founder, Adeel, giving a speech on the visions and future plans of the company.

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Following that, each of the team leads gave their foresight and plans for growth. Since everyone was meeting up after a long time post-pandemic, we wanted all the teams to know one another and give them a fair share of appreciation. 


Next followed the award ceremony where formal awards along with equity awards and prizes were presented to the outstanding performers throughout the whole year after having thorough nominations.

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Following that, APIMatic customized shirts, bottles, and flavored chocolates were distributed to the whole team. The celebration concluded with delicious refreshments and cake to make the day a whole more enjoyable.   

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Adventure Trip to Mabali Island

To add to the celebration week, the APIMatic team went for an ecological, nature-friendly, and fun-filled visit to Mabali Island (It's not an island, it's a way of life). The day started with everybody arriving at the office and leaving around 9 am. The route, to a relief, was roughly an hour and a half. Along the way, everybody enjoyed playing games by splitting themselves into two teams and laughing to their heart's content. 

Around reaching the island at 10.30 am, the weather was a lot sunny and dry. Welcome drinks were served which was everyone's favorite, the mint margarita. For the day's first activity, everyone opted for jet skis, splitting themselves into four teams and conducting races on the water. After that, took place the great tug of war. Our HR managers team won, exhilarating their strength!

APIMatic’s         APIMatic’s Code Generation Speeds Up the NZOR’s Application Development Cycle

To continue with all the fun, some of the team members started a volleyball match, others went for a paddleboat, and the rest chose to relax while enjoying the pretty view. With the eventual improvement in weather to become cloudy and more pleasant, most of the men went to play their most-liked game, cricket, while the others hopped on a family boat that cruises around the mesmerizing lake.

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Giving the day another boost, a group of people decided to go parasailing to take in the breathtaking views of the sky and the lake. Our CEO, Adeel Ali, also went for Ziplining. To conclude the day and rest up a little bit, everybody enjoyed a scrumptious BBQ platter meal for lunch. Following that, the whole team gathered to have tea against the lake and ended the day while winding down. 

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Scrumptious Lunch at Whispering Pines Resort

The celebrations ended with team APIMatic having a delightful lunch at Whispering Pines resort situated among the panoramic green views, in the heart of Margalla Hills. It is an hour's drive from Islamabad and a beautiful place for adventure and nature lovers.

The day started with almost the whole team working from the office, where Adeel gave an informative session on the development of APIs in the tech world. Following that, everyone left for a BBQ lunch along with desserts and tea at the Whispering Pines resort to enjoy the astounding views of nature. Two of the team members even attended customer calls from the resort, showing phenomenal team spirit. At last, we ended the evening by enjoying ourselves to live music as some hidden talents were discovered in the form of guitarists and singers from within the team.     

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Wrapping Up!

With last year as a pandemic-stricken remote-working year, our team maintained their spirits during difficult times with steadfast commitment and collaborative culture. All of this was possible due to our team-building efforts and staying strong throughout. We hope the year 2022 brings us all the happiness and better opportunities for our growth!