A Developer Experience

APIMatic is a suite of Developer Experience (DX) features to provide an immersive API experience to developers, so you can watch consideration turn into API adoption instantly.

Once you bring an API in, it goes towards your desired solution while making use of APIMatic’s Core Engine features.

APIMatic Solutions


Developer Experience API Portal

The Developer Experience Portal is designed to help external APIs with documentation and developer adoption across multiple languages.

  • Interactive Code Playground
  • SDKs and Tutorials
  • Custom Guides
  • On-Premise Solution
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    CodeGen-as-a-Service (CGaaS) provides programmatic access to the APIMatic Core Engine. Internal APIs and microservices use CGaaS for Continuous Code Generation.

  • API
  • GitHub Action
  • CI/CD Integration
  • On-Premise Solution
  • 8328

    API Transformer

    The API Transformer provides run-time conversions of API definition files to and from more than 10 API specification formats. so you don't need to reinvent the wheel for each format.

  • Specs Conversion
  • Validation
  • On-Premise Solution
  • APIMatic Core Engine

    The heart of APIMatic is its Core Engine that breaks down your API into its basic components. Then those smaller components are combined together to form your desired solution. The four major parts of the Core Engine are Transformer, Designer, Code Generator and Docs Generator.


  • Specs Conversion
  • Validation

  • 8332

  • Spec Editor
  • Spec Merging
  • Portal Editor

  • 8331
    Code Generator

  • Client Libraries
  • Code Samples
  • Package Publishing

  • 8333
    Docs Generator

  • Specs to Docs
  • Code Playground
  • Input Validation
  • Try it Out/API Calls

  • API Transformer

    Transform API Definitions To Any Format

    API Specification Conversion

    Convert your API definitions into any specification format via Web or API and unlock all tools and benefits offered with each format. Supported formats include OpenAPI, RAML, Postman and more.

    API Specification

    Validate the correctness and completeness of your API Specification before you convert it to another format or use it to create API Portals and SDKs. Any errors or warnings are prompted during validation.

    API Designer

    From API Definition to API Documentation


    API Specification Editor

    Create your API on the go with the API Specification Editor that allows you to configure server settings, CodeGen and TestGen settings, authentication types, models, endpoints and more.


    API Specification Merging

    Import multiple API specifications and merge them together to create a unified API Portal and SDK for each language.

    Portal Editor

    Customize your portal with your branding theme, add custom Markdown guides and specify API documentation settings according to your preference.

    Code Generator

    Maximize API Adoption with SDKs From Code Generator


    SDKs/Client Libraries

    Ensure quicker adoption and hassle-free onboarding of your API with SDKs in all languages. The SDKs are not mere client wrappers, but a mapping of your API onto a standards-compliant SDK.


    Package Publishing/GitHub Deployment

    Reach out to more developers for easy adoption of your API by publishing the SDK as a package or deploying it on GitHub.


    Dynamic Code Samples

    Provide developers with the quickest route to their first “Hello World”, with complete running code samples in any language that are dynamically updated with live input values for a real-world experience.

    Docs Generator

    Increase Developer Engagement with API Docs and Portal

    Specifications to API Documentation

    Your API Specification is the starting point for auto-generating API documentation that covers endpoints, models, parameters and more.

    Try-it-Out/API Calls

    Try-it-Out functionality allows making live, authenticated API calls and receiving the JSON/XML response from the server along with status codes.

    Code Playground

    Encourage developer interaction with your API via the API code playground that contains dynamic code samples and allows live API calls.

    Input Validation

    Input parameters for an API call via the code playground are validated on run-time to aid the correct usage of the API.

    Assisted Authentication

    For authenticated APIs, developers only need to enter the authentication parameters once and make unlimited API calls.

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